How to Help Our Children Through Trying Times

April 1, 2020 by Callie London

The staff at Blue Ridge Pediatrics appreciates that these are very stressful times, for all of us. Children are not immune to this stress. In times of change, and in stress at home, children often suffer silently, or act out, and this can present even more challenges.
Here are some helpful hints and links that may help your entire family navigate these stressful times.

1. Get plenty of exercise! Even though we are “stuck at home” there are plenty of fun ways to get exercise. and it is proven to relieve stress and anxiety. If you are able to do it outside, even better. Sunlight improves mood!
        Have a Dance Party   

        Take a Walk  

        Make a Scavenger Hunt   

        Plant Flowers    

        Make an obstacle course

2. Be careful what you are eating! Take care of your body. We often eat junk food out of boredom, or to make up for dealing with “hard times”. However, good nutrition is important in helping our bodies ward off anxiety and stress.

Good Foods Include: Omega 3 Fatty acids, like in fish and olives/avocados
          Dark Chocolate (in moderation, of course)
          Camomile or Green Tea (May be the perfect time for a “tea party”)
          Asparagus, tumeric and brazil nuts are also on the list.

Avoid caffeine and excessive sweets, as they tend to increase symptoms of anxiety.

3. Get good rest! Sleep is often underrated, but is very important not only for managing stress, but keeping us healthy.
Be mindful of your child’s “normal” bedtime and try not to let them deviate too much from their normal routine. Read, or draw before bed, rather than watching television, especially news or high action/drama content that will make them more wakeful or fearful.

4. Take a break!

Quiet activities such as coloring, drawing, painting, or working a puzzle can calm the mind. Perhaps take the chalk out to the driveway, and add in more fresh air and sunlight!

Here are some links to a few fun exercise ideas and some books that deal with stress particularly for little people.

Yoga for kids:

Books for Kids:

Articles for Parents:

Please remember we are here to help your family! Thank you!

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